Plum school district bans teacher after allegations of inappropriate behavior

Plum school district bans teacher after allegations of inappropriate behavior

A Plum Borough School District substitute teacher is banned from district property after being accused of inappropriate behavior with a teenage boy.

Louis Thon III, 25, is charged with statutory sexual assault and unlawful contact with a minor for an alleged incident in February 2016.

According to court documents, the victim, who was 13 years old at the time, met Thon through social media.  The two arranged to meet at the victim's house where the alleged assault occurred.

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In a statement released Wednesday, the district did not identify the teacher or specify the alleged behavior.

"We have, and will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement as they work to bring to justice any person who chooses to do harm to children," the district said in the statement.

The district said it received a phone call in March from a parent alleging that a long-term substitute teacher had done something wrong. The district said it immediately notified police and Childline, and escorted the teacher, a member of Kelly Educational staffing, off the grounds.

Investigators approached the student, who admitted the two had a sexual relationship.

The district said a Plum Borough Police Department report from last week indicated the behavior took place in 2016, before the teacher's employment with the district.

Channel 11 talked to parents who said the situation is alarming.

"I've lived in the community for 9 years but my daughter just started she's in first grade so little new to it but I'm hoping they situate or figure all this stuff out before this continues I guess,” Kara Colaizzi said.