Plum Senior HS temporarily closing after more COVID-19 cases following non school-sponsored dance

PLUM, Pa. — The Plum Senior High School will be moving to full-remote learning until Dec. 1 after three more students tested positive for COVID-19, according to the district.

Two out of the three students attended the parent-sponsored dance this past weekend, according to the district.

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The district reported it was able to find out a complete list of students who attended the event and start contact tracing.

After receiving additional guidance from the Allegheny County Health Department, it decided to close the high school until Dec. 1.

All sports and activities at the high school are also postponed until then, as well.

On Wednesday, Allegheny County Health Department Director Dr. Debra Bogen and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald both pointed to parents at Plum School District as examples of people who aren’t taking personal responsibility.

She said they organized a dance that disregarded state orders on capacity.

“So far, those who organized the dance have not shared the attendance list with the school or the health department,” Bogen said. “This level of disregard for public health in our community, frankly, makes me angry.”

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