Plumbers rescue man who fell into Bethel Park creek after medical emergency

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — A group of plumbers had anything but an ordinary workday.

“You take a double take, wasn’t even sure of what I really saw at first,” one of the men said. “I just reacted.”

After spotting the man in the water, the three men from All Pro Plumbing jumped into action. They were working near the “T” stop on Logan Road. The owner said he “saw the top of a gentleman’s head in the creek.”

The men grabbed the man in the water and helped him to safety using one of their ladders.

“When we first tried to pull him up, he wasn’t responding,” John Oakes said. “We couldn’t get him on the ladder so these two guys were actually able to grab his shoulders and just pull him right up, pull him up on the ladder and get him to the pavement.”

They said the water was high because of the recent rainfall, and the current was strong. The men said they aren’t heroes - they would help anyone in need.

“If it was anybody, I’d help anybody out, just like I’d want somebody to help me out,” Jon Stapas said. “I’m happy it wasn’t turning for the worst.”