Police, agents conduct meth lab bust in Butler

Police, agents conduct meth lab bust in Butler

BUTLER, Pa. — Neighbors say police were on the scene for hours Tuesday of an alleged meth lab bust in Butler, and they say those six suspects put the entire neighborhood at risk.

The house on West Cunningham is dark and quiet now, but tenant Justin Knox says he saw what started the police bust.

“First there was the big noise I heard upstairs. Lot of scuffling,” he said.

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He says that scuffle piled out into street. Knox and another neighbor tell Channel 11 a man showed up to get a woman out of the house.

Police say they were called there for a domestic disturbance and then found out there was a meth lab inside.

“They had over 40 syringes full, all ready to go,” said one neighbor.


That neighbor didn’t want to show her face but says it’s concerning what was going on inside.

“The danger he put everybody else in,” she said.

Meanwhile, Knox says there’s a “no entrance” sign on the apartment door and he just wants the drugs out of his building.

“To see this happen around so many kids, it’s not fair,” he said. “I’d just like to see this town get better.”

Police have not released the suspects’ names.