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Police: Couple overdoses with baby in car

MONESSEN, Pa. — A woman was slumped over a car seat with a baby strapped inside and a man found outside the car acting oddly, which police in Monessen say was the result of overdosing.

Multiple 911 calls led police to find Gregg Kubasiak standing outside of a car in the Park Plaza parking lot.

Police said he was in a daze and and acting odd.

One witness told them he was singing to the sky, saying he lost his shoe.


Right inside the car, police say Brittany Kurkowski was passed out and slumped over a car seat with a 5-month-old baby inside.

Police say she was in and out of responsiveness and her lips were a blueish tint.

Officers gave Kurkowski a dose of Narcan as paramedics began to treat the baby.

They say the 5-month-old was warm.

Paramedics took the baby to the hospital to be checked out.

When police asked Kurkowski what she took to make her so sluggish, she told them she had four Benadryl.

She was taken into custody, along with Kubasiak.

Police say they did a body search of Kurkowski and found a bag of heroin.

Monessen police say they then searched the car and found a total of two bundles of heroin, 14 empty stamp bags and three cut straws.