• Police determine no attempted child luring happened at Hersheypark


    HERSHEY, Pa. - A report of an attempted child luring at Hersheypark has been determined to have likely been a “case of confusion,” police said Tuesday.

    The incident, which happened in the water park section of Hersheypark, was reported Wednesday.

    Channel 11's NBC affiliate, WGAL, reported a woman who was supervising a group of children reported a young woman talked to an elementary school-aged child at the top of one of the water slides. Police said the woman also approached the boy at the bottom of the slide.

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    Police said surveillance and other video footage was reviewed during their investigation of the incident.

    “From information the juveniles relayed to us and the actions on the video, it was determined the incident was more likely a case of confusion on the part of the juveniles and the female who was interacting with the juveniles was doing so in what would appear to be an innocent manner,” a news release from the Derry Township Police Department said.


    The news release went on to say, “The investigation has resulted in the determination that an abduction attempt did not take place.”

    Hersheypark released a statement Tuesday to Channel 11 News, saying in part:

    “As part of our response to the guest concern from last week, our Security staff responded and the full time security manager immediately began his investigation. We then called and coordinated with our partners at the Derry Township Police Department (DTPD) once they arrived on property. Part of this initial investigation included a complete review of the video recording of the area of concern - which includes the bottom of the water slide area. Closed circuit video surveillance system is deployed throughout Hersheypark.

    “Based on the video evidence we have reviewed, we see no indication that any attempt was made to remove or abduct anyone from the Park. But that ultimate determination should be made by the police officer investigating this case.”

    The park also said that, in response to the incident, it is reviewing employees' safety training.


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