Police: Gold, silver items stolen from packages by UPS employees

PITTSBURGH — Two Pittsburgh UPS employees have been accused of stealing from packages over the past two years, police said.

Bradley Thomas, 32, and Roseanne Carey, 46, worked at the UPS facility in Pittsburgh’s Chateau neighborhood, where they would open packages and remove items, police said.

Gold, silver and platinum coins, gold and silver bars, jewelry, a $25,000 diamond and a gun were stolen and sold at pawn shops, including the Gold Rush store in the Monroeville Mall, where Thomas also worked, according to a criminal complaint.

The transactions made at pawn shops totaled more than $122,000, the complaint said, but the criminal proceeds could be even higher.

Police say Carey helped Thomas; she was arrested and charged with theft. Police say she pawned off several thousand dollars’ worth of stolen jewelry and coins.

Police have an arrest warrant for Thomas, a manager who masterminded the thefts from 2015 to December of 2017. Because of his position, he could identify high-value packages and where on the trucks they would be placed, police said.


Thomas’ attorney hasn’t returned calls from Channel 11.

UPS says claims are still coming in and the diamond and gun haven’t been recovered.