Police investigating frightening assault on Pittsburgh’s North Shore

PITTSBURGH — Two people said a man approached their car on the North Shore late Tuesday and assaulted them.

According to Pittsburgh Police, around 11:00 p.m. they received a report of an assault on the 300 block of North Shore Drive.

Police said that an unknown man approached the victims and their car, proceeded to assault the driver and the passenger, then smash the passenger’s phone and punch out a car window.

On Wednesday, just hours after the attack, the North Shore was peaceful. That’s where we found Rebecca Tempin who told Channel 11 she occasionally walks her dog in the area.

“I would not walk down here one, without my dog and two, without meeting a friend, which I am going to be doing. We usually come down after work and leave before it gets dark,” said Tempin. “Head on a swivel, you never know, any area really. Be aware of your surroundings and be mentally prepared just in case.”

At this time, police have not released a suspect description. This investigation is ongoing.