• Police investigating series of break-ins across Butler County


    Police in Butler County are investigating a series of break-ins that have happened across the community.

    Nine burglaries were reported across Butler in the month of November, police said. Most of them took place during the day and some of them took place on the same day. 

    Police think one victim interrupted the suspect and sent them running.

    The latest burglary happened Wednesday on Cecelia Street around 7 p.m.


    The homeowners saw the front door kicked in and heard somebody going out the back. Butler city police believe the homeowner actually scared the bad guy off.

    “He came home, saw the back door kicked in, heard noise in the house. Person went out the front door,” Deputy Police Chief Dave Adam said.

    Police don't know if all the burglaries are being committed by the same person. 

    Police said the burglars are combing the neighborhood, stealing computers, TVs and in one case, a gun. 

    “I can't believe that. It's usually quiet up here I didn't even know what happened,” said resident Earl Maier. 

    Police are asking the community to keep an eye out for each other because, in all of the crimes, the homes were locked.



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