Police issue warning on computer scheme

INGRAM, Pa. — Ingram Borough Police Department is warning residents about a computer scheme targeting people in the area.

One victim lost a large amount of money after an unknown caller convinced him to buy software that would secure his computer.

WPXI’s Marlisa Goldsmith talked with Ingram resident Monica Erwin who said she got a suspicious call.  It didn’t take her long to figure out that something was not right.

“When I answered the phone, he was like you have a virus on your computer,” Erwin said.

“And he was like aren't you concerned about the virus on your computer? And again, I said, which one? We went back and forth with banter and he ended up hanging up on me.  So he didn't get very far,” said Erwin.


The caller may not have gotten what he wanted from her, but the scheme has worked in other cases.

Police say one victim bought a large sum of gift cards, then gave the caller the card numbers and PIN for each card.

Erwin is urging everyone to think twice when answering calls you don't recognize.

“Unfortunately, they prey on people who are very scared to get a virus or something like that. It is very sad,” said Erwin.

Police are urging the public, especially elderly family or residents to be aware of the scheme.

Investigators say it is virtually impossible to recoup any of the money lost.