• Police: Panhandler tried to pull woman out of car stopped at intersection


    A panhandler with a criminal history of theft and assault is back in jail after police say he attacked a woman inside a car at a Polish Hill intersection.

    According to police, a Hill District couple was waiting for the light at Herron Avenue and Bigelow Boulevard at about 11 p.m. last week when a man later identified as Noah Walker approached the driver’s side and asked for change.

    Police said the driver ignored his request, but Walker didn't leave. He walked around to the passenger side, where he attempted to pull a woman who was riding in the front seat through the window.


    The driver, trying to save his wife, took his foot off the brake and in the struggle his car plowed into the back end of the car directly in front of him.

    The woman told Channel 11 Walker tried to pull her through the window of the car with such force that he yanked out a big chunk of her hair.

    Walker is a known panhandler, so police say it wasn't difficult to track him down. Police say after looking at an array of photos, the couple positively identified Walker as the man who attacked them.


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