Fayette County woman found dead 2 months after disappearance

UNIONTOWN, Pa. — UPDATE (3/11/21): Melanie Prokop was was found dead Wednesday afternoon in North Union Township, Pennsylvania State Police said.

>>FULL STORY: Fayette County woman’s body found 2 months after car discovered along road

ORIGINAL STORY: A missing and endangered woman’s vehicle was found along a road in Uniontown, but the woman has not yet been found.

State police said Melanie Prokop was last seen driving her vehicle on Friday, Jan. 1 at 7 p.m. Investigators said the vehicle was found along Jumonville Road in North Union Township the next evening.

“We’re thinking something wasn’t right. She was confused, not sure what was going on,” said Michael Prokop, her son.

Her last known interaction was actually with a police officer. She asked the officer for directions.

“I think he followed her for the first two turns and assumed she made it. We don’t know what happened between then and when they found the car,” Prokop said.

Police said she may be at special risk of harm or injury, and may be confused. She is without her cell phone and there’s been no activity on her credit cards. Her family said she’s been in declining health and they were in the process of moving her closer to family.

“They started with the search dogs, that didn’t produce anything. They came back with blood hounds, blood hounds didn’t find anything. They came back with cadaver dogs, they didn’t find anything. They’ve had drones, helicopters scouring the area,” Prokop said.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call 911 right away or the Uniontown police department at 724-430-2929.