• Police: Thief's weeklong crime spree ends in crash while fleeing capture


    Police say a man wanted for parole violations is responsible for a weeklong crime spree in Beaver County that ended when he crashed in a stolen car while fleeing from his latest theft.

    Charges are currently being written based on his alleged crimes in several communities. Channel 11 is not naming this suspect or showing his face because he has not been charged with any of these crimes yet. 

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    Josh Carver, who works in construction, says his tools are very important to get the job done. So when he saw surveillance video of the man that police say broke into his truck parked outside his New Brighton apartment, he was furious. 

    “Those are my tools, everything I need,” he said. “Two big bags, three grand in tools.”

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    Josh took to Facebook, posting pictures and videos asking for help identifying the suspect. 

    New Brighton police tell Channel 11 the man in the video is a person of interest in a weeklong crime spree there and in surrounding areas. 


    Early Tuesday morning, police believe the man in the video struck again. Ambridge police say he was stealing a ladder from a worksite when an officer confronted him. They say he took off, almost hitting the cop and then speeding down Route 65.

    Police say he lost control of the stolen car he was driving and wrecked in Rochester Borough. 

    Channel 11 learned the suspect is wanted on state parole violations, which was enough for him to go to jail. Officers say he will be charged with quite a few crimes in several communities.

    “That’s what we need to do,” Carver said. “We need to get these guys and we need to put them in jail, get them off the streets.”


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