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Police: Walmart thief stole Pens, Steelers gear worth thousands

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Cranberry police say a man accused of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of sports merchandise from a Walmart knew what he was doing, because it wasn’t his first time.

In fact, according to police and court records, Frank Novak has been stealing from stores for quite a while, and they arrested him again Friday

On one “shopping trip” to the Cranberry Township Walmart, police say he stole $2,200 in sports gear, another time $4,600. How did he get all that gear of the store? Police say he stuffed it in a trash can that he also stole.

“That’s crazy. We work hard for our money and for someone to just go in there and steal, that’s just not right,” said shopper Niki Wells.


Police believe Novak hit the Walmart three times: once in November, twice in January. After consulting with Pittsburgh police, they realized he was a repeat offender with the same modus operandi.

Channel 11 dug into Novak’s prior criminal history, and court documents show he has at least nine arrests for retail theft in Allegheny County since 2009.

“He would take the stuff and sell it down in the city at the major sports events,” said Cranberry Township Sgt. Chuck Mascellino.

According to police paperwork, Novak was working with a female who was the driver. They continue to search for her.