Police warning of car break-ins along Montour Trail

CECIL TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police are warning of car break-ins in parking areas along the Montour Trail.

Cecil Township police put out a warning on Facebook, and while their department hasn’t received any reports, they said others have. Carnegie police received a call about a break-in along the trail last week.

Windows are being broken to get into cars, but police are still urging people to make sure they’re locked. Also, don’t leave valuables in plain sight -- or, better yet, leave them at home altogether, if possible.

Several of the suspect vehicles have Florida license plates, police said.

“Everyone’s here just trying to get some exercise, and you have people that don’t want to go to work who want to take advantage of people that they know are walking away or riding away from their vehicles for long periods of time. It’s low-hanging fruit for thieves,” Chris Kovach, who walks the trail, said.

Anyone who sees suspicious activity, whether in the parking lots or on the trail, is asked to call 911.