Kennywood makes Potato Patch cheese change amid social media outrage

Kennywood begins opening for 2019 summer season

PITTSBURGH — Kennywood and Potato Patch fries are like peanut butter and jelly for many people in the Pittsburgh area: they just go together. But after parkgoers took to social media, outraged over a perceived change in the cheese for those beloved fries, the park said they are going back to what they had before.

Taking to social media itself, the park said in a tweet Tuesday "Kennywood's Potato Patch will revert back to its traditional cheese sauce. Thank you for your feedback and passion; we wouldn't be here without it."

The social media anger was swift and strong.

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That is just one example of people air their grievances with the gooey-ness, calling it “watered down” and “tasteless”.

Another typed their frustration that they feel Kennywood messed with “a long standing time honored tradition.”

One social media user sent us a picture of the park’s reply to their outrage over the cheese. Food and Beverage Department Manager Stephen Colorito typed in part “Please know that your comments about the cheese sauce are being taken seriously. While I can’t agree that it is disgusting, we certainly had a more well liked cheese sauce in seasons past. The cheese sauce that we use, like so many other products, is mandated for use by corporate management.”

Here's the fully reply: