Primanti’s reviewed by Dave Portnoy of Bartool Sports

Primanti’s reviewed by Dave Portnoy of Bartool Sports

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh famous Primanti Brothers managed to wow Dave Portnoy, Boston-based pizza reviewer and Barstool Sports founder, during a recent visit.

Portnoy, who calls himself El Presidente, has been reviewing pizza places in the city, and decided to change it up with a visit to the South Side location, according to our partners at the Trib.

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It was there that Portnoy ordered the "Pittsburgher” which features a beef patty, provolone cheese, French fries, coleslaw and tomatoes stashed between two slices of thick-cut Italian bread.

"I said ‘I want your best seller,’ " said Portnoy, unwrapping the sandwich as the camera rolled. “I feel like this is how you make friends in this city.”

“It’s a great sandwich. I guess this is how you get Pittsburgh big,” Portnoy said before giving Primanti Brothers' “Pittsburgher” sandwich a 9.1 rating.

“While El Pres is a complete enemy in terms of football fandom” — Portnoy is a Patriots fan — “we have nothing but respect for his palate,” Primanti Bros. spokesman Ryan Wilkinson told our partners at the Trib. “We’ve been making sandwiches the same way for 87 years — and for him to give us the 9.1, it means we’re still doing the right thing on the grill. Our only issue with his review — it’s coleslaw, man.”

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