Primary Election: Voters being asked about changes to Pennsylvania’s constitution

PITTSBURGH — Beyond local races, voters will be asked on Tuesday if they think changes should be made to Pennsylvania’s constitution.

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There are four big questions on the ballot. Two of them deal with the powers of the governor and the legislature when it comes to a disaster emergency declaration in the future.

The first amendment would allow the legislature to end or extend a declaration without the governor’s approval. The second would make a governor’s disaster emergency declaration expire in three weeks instead of three months.

Those questions came about after the declaration made during the pandemic.

The third amendment deals with discrimination. It would make it unconstitutional to deny a person’s equal rights because of race or ethnicity.

The referendum on the ballot is about fire departments and EMS companies and the money they can borrow. This would allow paid fire and EMS departments to apply for certain loans, just like volunteer fire departments. They could use the money to replace outdated equipment.