• Proposal would install speed cameras along highway work zones


    Speeding through a work zone could soon cost you a pretty pricey fine.

    There is a new proposal in Harrisburg to install speed cameras in work zones across Pennsylvania.

    The goal is to reduce work zone deaths.


    There were 16 in Pennsylvania last year alone, according to PennDOT.

    One version of the bill would charge drivers $100 for speeding in a work zone, while another puts it at $40, despite never being pulled over.

    Maryland passed a similar law in 2010 where cameras generate a ticket to a driver going more than 12 mph over the speed limit.


    According to the government's website, the change dropped the number of speeders in work zones by more than 90 percent.

    Legislators are still discussing what would be considered speeding, which could match up with the 12 mph over the speed limit enforced in Maryland.

    There's no word on when the bill could be up for a vote.



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