PWSA extended Millvale boil advisory due to inconsistent chlorine levels

MILLVALE, Pa. — Tests showing inconsistent chlorine levels are being blamed for a boil water advisory that extended an extra 48 hours for Millvale customers compared to other Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority put the advisory into effect on Aug. 28 for Millvale, Reserve and northern Pittsburgh neighborhoods after problems with the Lanpher Reservoir cover were discovered.

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The advisory expired for Pittsburgh and Reserve on Friday, but stayed in place for Millvale until Sunday night.

“I didn't think it was really fair. Everybody else got their water back and we didn't. I don't understand why,” Marie Plutnicki, a Millvale resident said.


Life is just getting back to normal for Millvale resident Mark Witkowski and his young family after a six-day water-boil advisory impacted all of Millvalle.

“It gets to be a headache because you don't know one day from another if it's going to be good or bad or whatever,” Witkowski.

That’s the question 11 investigates took directly to PWSA interim Executive Director Bob Weimar this afternoon.

He told us water tests showed inconsistent levels of chlorine, which is why Millvale's alert was extended.

“We're not exactly clear, nor is the state, why we didn't see the increase in chlorine levels. But now they are where they need to be,” Weimar said.

He said the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection requires 48 hours of clean testing before a boil advisory can be lifted.

Weimar went on to say the Millvalle section of the water system has problems of its own, which he'll discuss directly with borough officials tonight.

“The borough should feel relieved that we've been able to get through this current problem,” Weimar said.

Weimar also told 11 Investigates he doesn't expect any further problems with Millvale's water quality and it should improve over time.