Racist business cards appear in Squirrel Hill mailboxes

Racist business cards appear in Squirrel Hill mailboxes

Channel 11 has learned that police are looking into business cards some people are considering racist.

Two people living on Beacon Street in Squirrel Hill reported finding the cards in their mailboxes.


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Police said the front of the card had a swastika on it, and the back showed a noose with the words, “It’s not illegal to be white ... yet.”

Residents Channel 11 spoke to say they’re overwhelmed that something like this happened in their neighborhood.

“It’s horrible,” said Amanda Rice-Johnston. “Are these threats? Are they trying to recruit? What’s the goal?”

“It’s sad, and people need to calm down and have discussions with each other and look at people’s views,” said Nancy Latimer. “This is not what America was founded on.”

Police haven’t said at this point if they know where the cards came from, but we’re told federal investigators have been notified.