• Rahmael Holt found guilty of all charges in shooting death of Officer Brian Shaw


    GREENSBURG, Pa. - A jury has found accused cop killer Rahmael Holt guilty of shooting and killing New Kensington Police Officer Brian Shaw.

    Holt was found guilty of first degree murder, first degree murder of a law enforcement officer and two firearms violations. He could face a death penalty after being found guilty. 

    It only took the jury a little more than an hour to deliberate and find Holt guilty of murder. His conviction comes five days before the two-year anniversary of Shaw's death.

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    While jurors deliberated, they asked to see the surveillance video that was played in court that shows Shaw and Holt running – and then a gun going off.

    Officer Brian Shaw

    Several members of Shaw's family inside the courtroom embraced after the verdict was read. 

    Holt tried to say something to Shaw's family as he was being escorted out in handcuffs, but it is unclear what he said.

    Timothy Dawson, Holt's attorney, spoke after the verdict was issued.

    "We're disappointed, but we have to respect the decision of the jury. it was a quick verdict, in my opinion. There were a lot of issues in the case, and now we have to proceed into the penalty phase."

    Dawson noted that the same jury will decide whether or not Holt will get the death penalty. He expects that process to last a day or two.

    According to Dawson, there were no second thoughts about having Holt testify during the trial, but they will discuss the possibility of him speaking during the sentencing hearing.

    Holt's sentencing hearing will be Wednesday at 10 a.m.

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    The defense rested its case without Holt testifying in his own defense, TribLIVE.reported.

    Timeline of shooting death of Officer Brian Shaw, arrest and trial of suspect Rahmael Holt

    Holt was convicted of running from a traffic stop and shooting and killing Shaw two years ago.

    On Friday, an expert testified there was not enough DNA in the vehicle Shaw pulled over to be able to say for sure that Holt was in the car. 

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    Earlier last week, prosecutors showed the jury Shaw's uniform, which he was wearing when he was killed, with bullet holes just wide of his bullet proof vest.

    The gun used to shoot Shaw was never found. The trial started on Nov. 4.



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