Rankin officers honored for saving teen’s life

Rankin officers honored for saving teen's life

RANKIN BOROUGH, Pa. — Three Rankin police officers were honored Tuesday for saving a life.

The officers received the borough’s Courage Award for helping a teenager.

Last month, they got a call for a teenager who was standing near the edge of the Rankin Bridge.

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She was not wearing any coat or shoes. The officers convinced her to move away from the railing.

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"Mother mode just kicked in. Like, I’m trying to find a blanket. I gave her my hat. The other officer gave her a coat, and we tried to keep her warm until the medics got there and you know, we just tried, just giving her positive things to look forward to,” Rankin officer Latisha Cassidy said.

The girl they helped save is getting the help she needs, police said.

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