Republican state lawmakers unveil bill that targets transgender athletes

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A group of Republican women, including Allegheny County State Representative Valerie Gaydos, unveiled the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.

The bill would ban trans women from competing in women’s sports.

It’s similar to legislation introduced by the GOP in more than 20 states. Anti-trans bills have already passed in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Supporters of the legislation say it will make women’s sports more fair, while Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus called it “hateful.”

“This bill is a complete invasion of young people’s privacy in response to a non-existent issue. It’s also likely an unconstitutional violation of transgender people’s rights,” said Democratic State Representative Jessica Benham of Allegheny County.

Benham, who is bisexual, is the first “out” LGBTQ+ member of the state assembly.