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Residents allowed back into apartment building after landslide, water line break

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — People living in an East Pittsburgh apartment building are finally able to return home after being evacuated Monday night.

Residents of Electric Avenue Senior Apartments dealt with a water main break, while just down the road crews were trying to sort out a landslide made worse by all the rain.

Officials are still trying to figure out which came first: the landslide or the water main break.

Route 30 is just above the landslide.


A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said they are working on their own issues as the road is starting to buckle.

Crews there do not believe the water main break caused the buckling on the road, which has been an issue for the last month.

Engineers will be out the rest of the week, drilling and working to identify what is causing the street to buckle.

City leaders are still closely monitoring the landslide.