Residents ask PennDOT to make North Huntingdon intersection safer

NORTH HUNTINDGON, Pa. — A petition with nearly 100 signatures is asking PennDOT to make an intersection in North Huntingdon safer.

People who live and work near Cherry Lane said turning off the street onto Route 30 is dangerous.

“Something needs done now. Because I’m going to get hurt, or somebody is going to get hurt,” explained Alyssa Rosky, who works in the area.

They said it is difficult to see traffic coming from both directions.

“I was hit one time when I was trying to turn in here. There was cars backing up and someone flying over the hill,” explained resident Gary Renner.

A PennDOT spokesperson told Channel 11 that they’re studying this stretch of Route 30, and are working on projects to make the area safer. They considering putting up barriers and installing a jug handle.

PennDOT officials also said whatever they decide to do to change the intersection, it won’t happen until a few years from now.