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Residents forced to evacuate because of landslide impacting homes

PITTSBURGH — People living in two homes in Squirrel Hill were forced to evacuate because of a landslide.

Two homeowners told Channel 11 they’re devastated to be forced out of the place they feel the safest.

One woman said it’s the “not-knowing” that’s the hardest, not knowing when or if she can return home.

"I'm not shocked with all the precipitation we've had it probably made things worse," said neighbor Ross Sindler.

The city of Pittsburgh engineer evaluated the scene and determined the people inside two of the homes had to evacuate immediately.

While the cause has not been officially identified, a city official told 11 News that one of the impacted homeowners had been doing unpermited work in  their backyard when the slide occurred.


"They've had multiple people working on that house over the years doing things in the back to sure up the hillside so it's been an issue," Sindler said.

According to the city, a contractor actually came out last summer to install netting around the hillside to try and fix the problem.

After sevral hours, residents of one evacuated home where allowed to return. Residents of the home where the work was being done are still being kept away for their safety.