’Residents only’ policy in effect for Zelienople community pool due to overcrowding problems

’Residents only’ policy in effect for Zelienople community pool due to overcrowding problems

BUTLER CO., Pa. — If you want to swim at the Zelienople community pool, you have to be a resident and wear a mask.

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The new protocol in effect detailed as you approach the pool says you must do the following:

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  • Show legal ID
  • Be a resident of Zelienople, Harmony, Jackson or Lancaster
  • Wear a face mask

Once in the water, you can remove the mask and enjoy yourself. However, when you’re walking around outside the pool, officials said you have to put on your mask and maintain social distancing.

“It’s for our safety, so we will adhere to all the rules there are ... We love our pool and want to support our community,” said resident Jenna Rape.

When the pool opened to everyone last week, managers told Channel 11 it was just too crowded. They had to make changes because social distancing was not possible with that many people.

“At the very beginning it was ‘members only.‘ That was very manageable. Then after that we opened up to everyone, and at that point there was no social distancing,” said pool manager Joan Wolfe. “So, we had to reevaluate again and limit to the locals.”

Out of caution, there are no loungers out and the snack bar is closed. Poolgoers are allowed to bring in their own chairs, towels and snacks.

Masks and social distancing will be the new normal even while beating the heat at that pool. Managers said the pool will shut down in the middle of the day for an hour so they can do a deep cleaning.

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