Residents spot drone looking into their apartment windows

Residents spot drone looking into their apartment windows

MOUNT LEBANON, Pa. — Residents in one South Hills high-rise are raising concerns after spotting a drone looking into their windows.

Several residents of Washington Square in Mount Lebanon say they saw a drone with a bright light appearing to look into their apartments late last month.

They say it appeared after 10 p.m. and stayed for several minutes.

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Even though it may be creepy, Channel 11 found out it may be perfectly legal.


“It’s like a new-age Peeping Tom,” said resident Jennifer Franz, who lives on the 14th floor. "I stood there and I looked at it thinking, 'What is that?'"

Franz reported the incident to Mount Lebanon police when it first happened about two weeks ago, after hearing that several of her neighbors also saw the drone.

Channel 11 looked for laws in Pennsylvania that dictate drone use, but there are none.

Police reinforced that, telling Channel 11 any regulations for drone pilots are enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration, not police.

While officers may be limited in what they can do, Franz hopes by sharing her story with Channel 11, the attention will cause the drone operator to think twice.

"I'm hoping they will get caught, but I think if they have any intelligence they'll stop," Franz said.

While investigators may be limited in what they can legally do, Mount Lebanon police are encouraging anyone who sees something suspicious to give them a call.