• Rising waters damage homes, businesses, cars; American Red Cross opens shelter


    PLUM, Pa. - The American Red Cross is mobilizing to help victims of flooding in Allegheny County.

    Teams are on their way to Monroeville, Turtle Creek and Oakmont to help people affected. A shelter has also been opened at Riverview High School.

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    Dumpsters, debris and cars are still scattered across Penn Hills.  People living at the Meadows apartment complex tell Channel 11 they can’t believe how bad the flooding was. 

    A viewer captured the moments tenants knew they were about to have a major problem.

    Rain came down and the flood waters picked up.

    The creek nearby overflowed and rain filled the parking lot, rushing into people’s homes.


    The force of the flood waters sent parked cars smashing into one another.  The damage is extensive. 

    The current from the creek became so strong, it picked up a Chevy Tahoe and a Crown Victoria and dragged them roughly 100 yards.

    As people woke up this morning for work, many of them were asking, “Have you seen my car?”

    “Yeah, my car just got literally washed into the creek. I have two vehicles and both of them are totaled,” Penn Hills resident Billy Taylor said.

     “I saw the three cars that I have move about 20 feet to the left and get turned 360. All three of them,” Penn Hills resident Brian McNash said.

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    Damage will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

    No one was hurt.


    Crews had to rescue people from high waters in Plum.

    The water was so high on Kirk Road that rescuers had to use boats to get to everyone.

    People inside were eventually allowed to go back home.

    Also in Plum, trees fell onto Universal Road and cars appeared to be damaged.


    Crews have been out spraying off the mud from the roads in Oakmont.  Sunday night’s soaking rain flooded streets, homes and businesses, causing a muddy mess.

    On Plum Street, Oakmont Auto Body got hit hard. Two 1/2 feet of water filled the inside of the shop. The owner estimates a couple hundred thousand dollars in damage.

    Across the street at Leones Pizza, a half a foot of water flooded the building.

    Houses were also flooded and the The Commons neighborhood was evacuated.  

    The ballfield at Creekside Park was also heavily damaged. 

    Oakmont’s Borough Manager Scot Fodi tells Channel 11the flood damage is being assessed by emergency management officials.

    “It's my understanding that most of the storm event happened in the Penn Hills - Plum area.  Since this is part of the Plum Creek, we're part of the low-end of the Plum Creek watershed.  It all dumped on us,” Fodi said.





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