Ross Township police getting body cams that can turn on automatically

Ross Township police getting body cams that can turn on automatically

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police officers in Ross Township will be adding a body camera to their uniform by the end of summer.

The cameras were funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

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On Monday, Ross Township commissioners approved an official policy on how the cameras will be implemented and deployed.

The body camera will be activated in a couple of different ways. The officer can manually turn it on, but also it will automatically come on when lights and sirens are activated in police cruiser.

“Our policy is for any citizen contact they should be activating the body cameras,” Ross Township Lt. Brian Kohlhepp said.

The cameras will act as a visual witness to any and all officer interactions with the public the footage will be automatically uploaded to the police departments in house system, guaranteeing its authenticity

According to Ross police, the officers will be required to wear the body cameras throughout their entire shift and is a win-win for officers and the public

These cameras won’t just record what’s happening outside the police cruiser but what also happens in the backseat when suspect taken into custody.

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