Laughing gas balloons sold outside local concert venue

McKEES ROCKS, Pa. — The carnival wasn't in town this weekend, but police said they were investigating a bunch of balloons being used to help concertgoers get high.

Police say a group of men from out of state tried to make a buck by selling inhalants to people attending the concert for a jam band.

The Disco Biscuits rocked the Roxian Theatre and once the show was over, police were waiting for Victor Mendoza outside.

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Mendoza and a crew were outside selling the balloons to anyone who had the cash. Police said they caught him on camera trying to sell the gas.

With people getting a temporary high, they were not watching where they were going and were actually walking right into the street.

Police said they tracked Mendoza to the back of a local shuttered store where he had set up his illegal shop.