Sandusky's son sentenced to years in prison for sexual abuse of girls

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Unlike his father, Jeffrey Sandusky didn’t go to trial.

Instead, he pleaded guilty and Friday was sentenced for having inappropriate contact with two teenage girls.

Sandusky will spend the next 3 1/2 to 6 years in prison after prosecutors say he pressured a teenage girl to send him nude photos and asked her teen sister to perform a sex act.


Investigators say Sandusky told the girl he asked for photos and that it wasn’t weird because he studied medicine.

WPXI Legal Analyst Phil DiLucente believes the Sandusky name played a role in how this case played out.

“You can’t take out of the equation that his name is Sandusky,” DiLucente said.

"Considering the substantial charges of child pornography, and his father being found guilty of those serious charges, you have to put that in the equation."

Sandusky’s father Jerry is serving 30-60 years in prison for sexually abusing nearly a dozen boys while coaching football at Penn State.

Jerry Sandusky has maintained his innocence and was regularly supported by family members during hearings, including Jeffrey.