Several local pharmacies targeted in series of armed robberies, police say

Several local pharmacies targeted in series of armed robberies, police say

ALLEGHENY CO., Pa. — Multiple local pharmacies have been targeted in a series of armed robberies in just over a week, according to police.

And investigators believe the same people who hit a Mt. Lebanon Rite Aid store may be behind other robberies in Allegheny County.

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Three suspects waited until the store was almost empty before making their move at the Rite Aid on Howley Street. Police said they used a fake gun to threaten the store clerk to turn over cash.

Investigators have not yet connected these same suspected robbers to Thursday night's armed robbery at the Rite Aid in Bloomfield, but Channel 11 confirmed they are looking for them for at least one other hold-up.


Last week, two separate stores in Pittsburgh were robbed about an hour apart, but police don't suspect they were robbed by the same person.

Mt. Lebanon's police chief told Channel 11 they have identified the suspects as the trio who held up the Rite Aid on Cooke Lane last week -- and one is a 16-year-old girl.

Most of the robberies have been happening later at night, and police are not ready to connect them to the same group of people. But what surprised police about this case was that three people have been working together in each instance.

"The individuals we are going to charge is one male and two females," said Chief Aaron Lauth.