• Sex offender facing new charges, accused of preying on 11-year-old girl


    SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - A registered sex offender was arrested again on new charges after police say he preyed on an 11-year-old girl.

    Mac Lieberman is a Tier 1 Megan's Law offender.

    Channel 11 was the only one there as Lieberman headed to court on corruption of minor and other charges. 

    According to police paperwork, he cornered an 11-year-old girl in a computer room.


    While at a New Years Eve party in 2015 at a home in Muddy Creek Township, police say Lieberman cornered a then 11-year-old girl.  According to police, the young girl just came forward. 

    "He took her into a room and then exposed his genitalia," said Trooper Brian Knirnschild with Pennsylvania State Police. "He is a Megan's Law offender and now he’s facing these new charges."

    According to the criminal complaint, the young girl took him to a computer room to hang up his coat.

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    Police say he verbally stopped her from leaving the room, asked her if she could keep a secret and then exposed himself. 

    Court documents show Lieberman is a registered Megan's Law offender, arrested in July 2015, and convicted in January 2016 for sexual abuse of children and for having child pornography. 

    The suspect's attorney did not want to comment and Lieberman is being held in jail.



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