Family struggles to withdraw GoFundMe donations following firefighter's death

Family unable to withdraw GoFundMe donations following firefighter's death

UNION TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The family of a 17-year-old Laurel Highlands student firefighter killed in a car accident last month is thankful for its community,  which raised $10,000 in memory of Shawn Coleman.

Family members say they haven’t received a dime though, and are frustrated with GoFundMe.

"I've got funeral bills, expenses. I've got to buy a headstone for my son. I just don't understand what is the issue of me getting the money," Shawn's father, Aaron Coleman, said.

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Shawn’s family told Cara Sapida one of the hardest parts of the problem was that GoFundMe was say the family had to withdraw the money by a certain day or it would be refunded — but the family could not withdraw it.

"Each email was telling us we needed to do something new, they needed new info, all info I've already provided to them," Shawn's cousin, Amanda Miskanin, said.

After Channel 11 got involved, GoFundMe removed the hold on the money and said it would be released to the family's bank account immediately.