• Soaring gas prices aren't stopping travelers Memorial Day weekend


    While AAA is expecting near record-setting crowd to hit the roads in Pennsylvania Memorial Day weekend, some drivers are thinking twice before making plans.

    "All of my friends, me included, it's all about gas money. That's our biggest expense at this point, gas money," said Max Menner of Shaler.

    He's worried that money will dry up faster with gas prices on the rise, and only expected to climb even more this summer.

    It's a reality that forces drivers like Keith Shannon to look at his wallet before deciding if he can go see his family this weekend.

    "My daughter lives up in Evans City, my other daughter lives in Mercer. Sometimes I wait until I get some fuel perks that way it's cheaper to go see my grandkids," Shannon said.

    Despite the hesitancy of some drivers. AAA spokesman Jim Garrity said they're expecting 1.3 million Pennsylvanians to travel this Memorial Day weekend, the second highest total since they started tracking the numbers in 2000.


    "The price increases aren't enough to deter people from taking their trips," Garrity said.

    It's a reality that may not deter travelers this weekend, but Menner believes that could change if the prices continue to climb. 

    "If you want to go somewhere, you pay for gas. With it going up even more is not something I like to hear," Menner said. 

    Gas prices across Western Pennsylvania are actually down slightly over the last two weeks -- around 3 cents less per gallon, but that number is expected to rise significantly as we get into summer.


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