Aliquippa City Building closed, searched as part of grand jury investigation

The Aliquippa City Building was shut down on Friday as part of a grand jury investigation.

Channel 11 was the only television station there as state police searched the building and brought out several computers, hard drives and boxes full of papers.

“We’re here to execute and serve a sealed search warrant on the Aliquippa City Building,” said Lt. Eric Hermick.

Channel 11 exclusively obtained the two public pages of the eight-page search warrant. The other six pages are under seal.


According to the police paperwork, the grand jury is investigating allegations of theft. Officials want to look at bank deposits, monthly expenditures, money transferred from one account to another, accounts payable deposits, and withdrawals from police, fire and street department pension funds.

“They took one (computer) from the tax office, they took two from the main center pool, and they took the code enforcement officer’s,” said solicitor Myron Sainovich, who spoke exclusively to Channel 11.

Hours after the search, a “temporarily closed” sign remained on the building’s front door.

Sainovich and city employees are trying to figure out what this investigation is all about.

“They haven’t told me … when they’re looking at accounts payable, they’re looking at pension, they’re looking at things, apparently they have some report from someone, possibly, that money may be missing or that there’s someone who’s not handling money appropriately,” he said.

City Administrator Samuel Gill told Channel 11 he didn’t know anything and was in shock – he had no idea police were coming.