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1 officer involved in Kopy's Bar brawl reassigned, city says

PITTSBURGH — At least one Pittsburgh police officer involved in a brawl on the South Side has been reassigned following the incident, according to Target 11 sources.

Four members of the Pagans motorcycle club and four undercover officers could be seen fighting Oct. 12 inside Kopy’s Bar on surveillance video.

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According to the bar owner, the officers had been in the bar for several hours before the motorcycle club members walked in.

After midnight, there were words exchanged and the altercation became violent.


In addition to reviews by the city and Pittsburgh police, the FBI has launched an investigation into the incident.

"Not only on the use of force and whether it was warranted, but also whether the officer's cover was blown and if it was why where they still there, the amount of alcohol involved and the actions of the officers at the scene," said Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

Target 11’s Rick Earle talked to Peduto on Wednesday and was told all four officers were reassigned, but later the city clarified that only one officer had been reassigned.

"They're on different duty depending on their involvement," Peduto said. "I'll let their chief answer directly on what specific duties they have."

The reassigned officer has not been identified.

Peduto is also waiting for a report from the office of municipal investigations before deciding if the officers should face disciplinary action.