• South Side historic terminal buildings to be transformed into 'The Highline'


    Channel 11 got an inside look at the historic terminal buildings. 

    They're being turned into "The Highline," a place for shops, offices and more and neighbors say it's sorely needed.

    "We need it. I mean coming into work every day and not having much around here. Granted there's Southside down there and Station Square over there, we have nothing right here,” said Amanda Ormsby, who works nearby.


    Major changes are coming to a space that's been barren for years  and people like Ormsby say they're ready for the future of the historic terminal buildings. 

    "It would be nice to have somewhere to go after work or before work to make life a little more livable,” Ormsby said.

    Izzy Rudolph with McKnight Realty took Channel 11 on an exclusive tour of the facility to give us an idea of what the space will look like next year. 

    "We really want to hold on to all the history in every single one of these spaces,” said Izzy Rudolph, of McKnight Realty.

    They're now midway through the first phase of what will be known as the "Highline". 

    New businesses like the "Beauty Shoppe" are preparing to open and work on a massive parking garage is underway. 

    You can see in the renderings where they will be converting an asphalt street into a public green space that runs through the complex from Carson Street to the Mon River. 

    "I'm hoping that we don't get the traffic. I do worry about that a little bit,” Ormsby said. 

    Aside from traffic concerns, Amanda and Izzy both agree - this is something this area has been needing for a long time.



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