St. Patrick’s Day parade in Lower Burrell pushing forward despite pandemic

LOWER BURRELL, Pa. — St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are going full steam ahead in a Westmoreland County community.

Despite the pandemic, they’re pushing forward with a parade in Lower Burrell, but organizers said it will look and feel very different.

The streets are quiet and empty now, but on Saturday parade organizers will transform Leechburg Road.

They were granted approval to hold a scaled down, socially distanced, roughly 20-minute-long pop-up celebration.

Lower Burrell Council even threw its support behind it with a 4-0 vote.

The Facebook event has almost 100 people attending and more than 200 people interested.

Organizers say this isn’t an act of defiance, but a moment of celebration after a very dark, difficult year.

“We want it to be organized and for a purpose. And hopefully with the diversity of the parade, asking people to social distance, having parade watchers, I think and I believe This will be the spark to get us back up and get people out,” said parade organizer Terry McClain.

They’re planning to follow all the necessary orders to make it happen.

The parade starts Saturday 11 a.m. and will follow safety protocols.

Mayor John Andrejcik shared the following statement with Channel 11:

“Lower Burrell Council voted on Monday evening to let the private organizers proceed with their planned parade, provided that they procure the proper permits from PennDOT, obtain the proper insurance coverage, and, also, contingent upon naming the City and the State as insureds in the insurance policy. At this time, we at the City understand that those parameters have been met.”