• State auditor general to review school district safety


    PLUM BOROUGH, Pa. - By most accounts, Plum Senior High School is a safe place.

    But after the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, parents like David Poole want the campus to be as safe as possible for students.

    "We really need to keep them safe. If they can't be safe there, then who can you trust?” he said.

    It's a feeling Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale understands. That's why he's adding new provisions to his regular audits focusing on school safety.

    "One of the things we want to do with my work as auditor general is find out what are some of the tools that I can get school districts that lets them know where some of those gaps are," he said.

    Some districts like Plum are being proactive.


    State police will conduct a school safety assessment in the spring, and the school board is expected to pass a resolution calling for an increase in state and federal funding for security.

    It's a move DePasquale understands and supports.

    "If there are additional requirements that need to happen to make our schools safe that carry some financial cost, I think the state should be picking up at least part of that cost,” he said.

    It's the type of conversation parents like Poole are glad to see happening. Now,he's hoping it will lead to results.

    "The local government should step in along with state and federal,” he said. “I mean, the kids are our future."



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