Steelers fan pleads guilty in viral fight involving headbutt at Heinz Field

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh Steelers fan involved in a fight with another Steelers fan that went viral on social media in December pleaded guilty Wednesday.

Chad Ferguson was in court for a preliminary hearing on charges stemming from the fight at Heinz Field, during which he headbutted the other fan.

Video of the fight shows the men exchanging words before the headbutt, but Ferguson’s attorney said the video didn’t capture the whole truth.

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“It’s a huge relief to be able to get his point across and to say that there was so much more to this case than the video,” Nicole Nino, Ferguson’s attorney, said.

Ferguson pleaded guilty to one count of simple harassment. As part of the plea agreement, he was also ordered to pay restitution for time and travel to the out-of-town victim.

The victim, who was at the game with his granddaughter, told police he didn’t remember how the fight started or why he was headbutted. He was treated for a broken nose.

The victim’s granddaughter told police the fight started because fans around them didn’t like the language they were using.

The fight occurred during a game against the Los Angeles Chargers.