Stranger assaults Army veteran when she takes her dog outside

MONACA, Pa. — A woman is covered in bruises after she said a random man assaulted her while she took her dog out in Beaver County.

The victim’s husband told Channel 11 his wife had to go to the emergency room after this happened in Monaca.

“We fought viciously. He wanted money,” she said. “I thought he was going to kill me.”

She’s too shaken up to show her face on TV, but her husband told us how his wife was targeted.

“My wife was home alone about 2 p.m. today,” he said. “She went to let the dogs out; they were barking.”


But his wife hardly made it out the door before a man came out of nowhere, wearing a mask and dark clothing.

“I opened the door and he was at the bottom of the steps,” she said. “He just ran up the steps and pushed me in the house.

“He pushed me to the ground. He was on top of me. Here right here on the floor.”

The Army vet and volunteer firefighter didn’t back down. She’s thankful to be alive and thanks her dog for stepping in.

“I heard him yell and I think that’s when my dog bit him,” she said. “He got up and ran out the door.”

Channel 11 was there as police investigated. So far, no leads, but her husband has a message for the suspect.

“You’re lucky the dog gotcha and not her with two arms and not me,” he said.