• Stranger grabs girl outside school, tries to assault her


    PITTSBURGH - A young girl was allegedly grabbed outside a Pittsburgh school, forced to escape from her captor and run for help.

    The girl's mother told Channel 11 that her 11-year-old daughter said she was sexually assaulted in Homestead and said the suspect left her by train tracks.

    She went missing for five hours Monday. She said she got off the bus from school at Knox in Charles in Mt. Oliver on Monday.

    Instead of going straight home, she walked to Jucunda Street and Amanda Avenue.


    She told her mom a man who was parked in an alley grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into his car. She said he told her to get naked.

    After several hours inside the car, she said the man stopped behind a gas station and sexually assaulted her. 

    She noticed the area she was in and ran to her aunt's house. 

    The mom told Channel 11 the man was in a gray Honda with tinted windows and said the car has a dent under one of the rear lights. She said the suspect is a white man with a slim build.



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