Student says he was suspended for posting video of bed bug in school

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — After remediation efforts last week at South Allegheny School District, a high school student claims video shows another bed bug in school on Monday.

He said when he posted the video, the school suspended him.

Parents told Channel 11′s Melanie Gillespie they are even being threatened by the school district for speaking out.

“I would like to not see any more kids get punished for this because these kids are just concerned,” said one parent. “They don’t want to take this issue home.”

South Allegheny sent a letter to parents after finding the pests last week. It says students who take pictures or video of the beds bugs without reporting them to school officials could be disciplined.

The student who was suspended told Channel 11 that he did notify the school office before the video was posted.

You can read the full letter from the district sent home to parents below: