Students come together to remember victims, survivors of synagogue shooting

PITTSBURGH — Students and staff members at the Community Day School in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood came together to remember the victims and survivors of Saturday's Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.

PHOTOS: Students come together to remember victims and survivors of synagogue shooting

The eighth-grade students at the school organized the event on their own.

It was a moving beautiful vigil and memorial service for the victims of the tragedy who they personally knew.

They organized the special service to show they will never forget the 11 people killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

The Jewish students went to the synagogue Wednesday.

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On Tuesday morning, they read each victim's name out loud, lit candles and placed white roses near the Holocaust sculpture outside the school.

Students stressed that the hateful anti-Semitic attack will not hurt their community or break their faith. They feel stronger and more united than ever before.

Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers also attended and thanked the students for their support.

“When I came this morning, I didn’t have any strength," Myers said. "You have given me the strength to get through today, and for that I thank you."

“We should not come home scared and we should not practice our religion in fear. We cannot stand for this,” one of the students said.

The students said bravery is in each of us and they can only retaliate by making this a better place.