Survivor of crash that killed three recently involved in another violent crash

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — UPDATE 5:55 p.m.

Channel 11 has learned the survivor of a crash that killed three of her friends Tuesday morning was in another very serious crash that is still being investigated by Pittsburgh police.

Brooke Molnar was the driver back in April in a crash that left her passenger in a coma with brain trauma.

Pittsburgh police tell Channel 11 they are still investigating that single-car crash around 5:45 a.m. April 24 on Chartiers Avenue.

The victim of the crash in April is out of the hospital and his mother tells Channel 11 he is doing better.


She also told Channel 11 she spoke to Pittsburgh police Wednesday about Molnar and that crash investigation.

Exactly three months later, Molnar was a passenger in a horrific crash in Bethel Park that killed Bianca Herwig, Paige Smith and Heather Camisa.

Police are looking at Snapchat videos that appear to show Molnar, Herwig and Smith drinking vodka in a car while driving after a night of partying on the South Side.

Channel 11 has learned that funerals for Herwig and Smith will be on Saturday and a remembrance vigil for the women will be held Sunday night.



A woman who survived a crash that killed three of her friends Tuesday morning in Bethel Park is expected to be released from the hospital Thursday.

Brooke Molnar was ejected from the SUV when it struck a telephone pole on Library Road. She has been receiving treatment for a fractured rib, internal bleeding in the spleen and a shoulder injury.

Molnar’s friends, Paige Smith, 21, Bianca Herwig, 23, and Heather Camisa, 17, died in the crash.




Snapchat videos from the night leading up to the deadly crash showed three of the woman drinking vodka in the SUV. They had left Pittsburgh’s South Side after a night of partying.

“I know everyone is going to pass their judgement, and rightfully so. They all got in the car, drinking and driving, knowing there’s a consequence that it could happen,” Brianne Molnar, Brooke Molnar’s sister, said. “But when alcohol is involved, you’re not in your right state of mind and you’re careless. And, unfortunately, everyone had to pay that price.”

Paige Smith's funeral will be held at Dave Henney Funeral Home in South Park In lieu of flowers, donations and monetary gifts can be made payable through PNC Bank to Adriana Redhawk, who is Paige's daughter. All funds will be used to help better Adriana's life and provide necessities for her.