SWAT team swarms home of man accused of ordering meth through mail

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — A SWAT team surrounded a Monroeville home Thursday, and a man accused of having crystal meth delivered was taken into custody.

In the middle of the day, officers closed down the neighboring streets and told people to stay inside.

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Federal investigators said Boris Goldshtein was ordering meth in the mail and having it delivered to his home on Urick Court, where he then sold it. This all happened while his two children lived in the home with him.

Thursday afternoon, neighbors said their usually quiet community turned chaotic.

“The SWAT team showed up. They came out of an ambulance, an elevator repair truck, and there were three-to-four unmarked vehicles with lights on,” said Tom Keane, who lives next door. “A bunch of police ... police all over the place."

Cops were actually staged on Keane’s back deck.

Goldshtein was arrested and charged with selling meth after the feds said they found nearly 380 grams of meth in the home. It’s unclear if he or anyone else was actually inside the home when the bust happened.

Investigators said Goldshtein admitted to having another 1.5 pounds of meth -- worth tens of thousands of dollars -- delivered in the mail.

He was released after paying $10,000 bond.