Teens turn fence into makeshift safety net, rescue boy dangling from ski lift

Teens turn fence into makeshift safety net, rescue boy dangling from ski lift

A picture of a ski lift, which is not the one that malfunctioned in Eastern Europe, injuring 10 tourists.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A group of quick-thinking teenagers pulled together to rescue a boy who was dangling from a ski lift at a resort in Vancouver.

The teens heard the 8-year-old boy's cries for help as a man who was on the lift with him held onto him, unable to pull him back up, the Today Show reported.

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“They pointed to the lift and I saw the kid dangling, and I was like, ‘Holy smokes,’” Ethan Harvey, one of the heroic teens, said.

As the boy dangled more than 20 feet above the ground, the group of five friends raced to grab nearby fencing, which they used as a makeshift safety net.

“Inside, I had anxiety. Like, I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I really just kind of knew, like, we could do this,” Harvey said.

After kicking off his skis, the 8-year-old dropped to safety, caught by the fencing held by the teenagers.

“Their quick thinking and immediate actions are commendable,” Grouse Mountain ski resort, which plans to give the teens complimentary season passes for their heroism, told NBC News.

It's not clear what caused the boy to slip off the lift in the first place, but the incident is under investigation, NBC reported.

“It’s interesting to be called a hero. l don’t really think it's settled in that we saved a child's life. It's pretty incredible,” Harvey said.